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    Takeo Ischi
    Happy Yodeling
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First CD of TAKEO ISCHI in JAPAN out now!

Belbird Ltd., since its founding has been Japan`s most important supplier of small incubators coming from other countries. This CD was meant to celebrate the role of the incubator, both for the food industry and for hobbyists and academics trying to preserve rare bird species in the face of possible extinction. Belbird Ltd. hopes this CD will raise awareness of the incubator and the very important role that it plays behind the scenes. It was for this purpose, that the song, „The Chicken And The Egg“, was commissioned.


01. The Chicken And The Egg
02. Kaasan No Uta (English Version)
03. New Bibi-Hendl (English Version)
04. The Country Bumpkin – New Appenzeller
05. Importhit From Japan
06. Kaasan No Uta (Original Japanese Version)

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The new CD-Box
„Ein Jodler zieht hinaus in die Welt“

out now
3 CDs / 44 songs

The new album (Double-CD)

Takeo Ischi featured as guest artist on the Gregory Brothers‘ project, „Song Voyage“ in autumn 2015. He travelled to Tokyo especially to film the episode. The end of January 2017 saw the clip, „Chicken Attack“ and the episode belonging to it published on YouTube. The clip was immensely popular and received millions of views in the shortest time.

The 32 songs on the double-cd include many further highlights with his mega-hit „New Bibi-Hendl“. Takeo sings and yodels two classics by yodelling legend Franzl Lang in a contemporary new recording and he offers amazing yodelling versions of „Biene Maja“ and the world-famous „Turkish March“ by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

CD 1:
1 Sukiyaki
2 Wer hat nur Dir das Jodeln beigebracht?
3 Einen Jodler hör ich gern
4 Loreley-Jodelei (vs. Rudy Schneyder)
5 The Chicken and the Egg
6 Der Import-Hit aus Japan
7 Bockwurst, Bier und Blasmusik
8 Biene Maja
9 Bergvagabunden
10 Kirschblüten-Jodler (vs. Rudy Schneyder)
11 Nachtigall-Jodler (Von der Nachtigall hab ich das Jodeln gelernt)
12 Kaasan no Uta (Japanische Version)
13 Auf und auf voll Lebenslust
14 New Appenzeller
15 New Bibi-Hendl (YouTube-Remix)
16 Türkischer Marsch (Alla-Turka-Mix)

CD 2:
1 Ich fang den Tag mit einem Jodler an
2 Japaner Jodler
3 Grüße aus den Bergen
4 Wenn ich verliebt bin muss ich Jodeln
5 Die Sonn und die Berg
6 Die Jodler-Braut
7 Ski-Twist-Jodler
8 Steirerbua
9 Klarinetten-Muckl-Jodler
10 Der Jodelcasanova
11 Der Brauttraum
12 Bei der Wirtin zum Stern
13 Im Wald drauß ist schön
14 Schützenliesl
15 Wann I von der Alm abergeh
16 Glockenspiel

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The new Album
CD Nr. 171.240
“Happy Yodeling”
Ein Jodler zieht hinaus in die Welt
32 Hits for only 20.- €
incl. Jodlerwurz